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On the occasion of Italy's G20 Presidency, ICCS has decided to launch the events series Italy to G20.

ICCS in collaboration with Italian and ASEAN partners has selected a shortlist of specific topics related to the G20 working groups: Education, International Financial Architecture, Digital Economy, Trade and Investment, Tourism, Energy Transition and Climate Sustainability.

The topics will be discussed during a series of dialogues organized in Singapore where speakers, connected from ASEAN and European Countries, will share their views and experiences.

The first Webinar will be focusing on: EDUCATION

The Education Working Group at the G20 examines the factors affecting the right to education and access to higher education, also in light of the pandemic. Reducing the digital divide and exploring the digital tools to expand the communication channels between education and the job market will be among its priorities under the Italian Presidency.

The topics will be presented during the first webinar of the Italy to G20 series organized by ICCS in collaboration with Teach for All.


4.00pm Welcome Address - ICCS President, Alberto Martinelli

4.05pm Welcome Address - Teach For Italy

4.10pm Panel Speaker:

Edna Novak, Head of Asia Pacific Region at Teach For All

Chan Soon Seng, Chief Executive Officer at Teach For Malaysia

Andrea Pastorelli, Chief Executive Officer at Teach for Italy

4.50pm Q&A

5.00pm Closing and Remarks

About Teach for All

Teach for all is a global network of 60 independent, locally led and funded partner organizations whose stated shared mission is to "expand educational opportunity around the world by increasing and accelerating the impact of social enterprises that are cultivating the leadership necessary for change." Teach For All is a network of 60 independent organizations fighting educational inequality and supporting innovation and locally-led leadership to innovate the education systems of the country where it operates.

About Teach For Italy

Teach For Italy is an Italian non profit organization, part of Teach For All, aiming to bring the best graduates and young leaders into the teaching profession, inspire them to make a difference to the future of their students and commit their lives to fighting educational inequality. Its short term goal is to place the country's best young graduates for a minimum of two years in the most disadvantaged schools, raising educational outcomes and opportunities for Italy's youth. In the longer term, TFI supports its fellows to stay in the education ecosystem for the long-term, to innovate and strengthen the system and its ability to fight structural inequities.


Edna Novak (Head of Asia Pacific Region at Teach For All)

Edna Novak

Head of Asia Pacific Region at Teach For All

Soon Seng Chan (Chief Executive Officer at Teach For Malaysia)

Soon Seng Chan

Chief Executive Officer at Teach For Malaysia

Andrea Pastorelli (CEO of Teach for Italy)

Andrea Pastorelli

CEO of Teach for Italy

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