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ICCS is glad to present the first event of its Committee Land, Aerospace, Naval and Security, SciEnce & Technology (LANSSET) on "Effective recipe book for a Cyber Resilient Approach" run by CY4GATE S.p.A.

The increasing speed of the technology evolution, together with the exchanging of the overwhelming amount of data, are amplifying the risks of exposition to cyber threats.

Who are the new threat actors? Which are the new Attack techniques? How to be cyber resilient? Which are the benefits of cybertranquillity?

In this webinar we try to give you an overview of the evolution in the cyber domain, giving some answers to the above queries.

Date: Friday 29th of January 2021

Time: 16:00 Singapore

09:00 Italy


· Welcome address by ICCS

· A new perimeter with new threat actors and new attack techniques

Company perimeter don't exist any more

Full softwarization of all the business assets: IoT/SCADA/Wireless/Network

Who are the attackers: APT Groups, Hacktivism, Cybercrime

The attacker math: targeted attacks, cyber propaganda, scalable campaigns

Examples of experienced cases

· From Cyber Security to Cyber Resiliency

Limitation of the current Cyber Security Approach

Know asset limitations and survival capabilities to build a resilient network

Threat Intelligence for Situation Awareness, indicators and Attack TTP Mappings

The NIST Cyber Security Framework: a strong baseline for Resiliency

Identify and Protect: the SSDLC to create secure software and secure systems by design

Detect and Respond: build an effective survival approach improving threat intelligence oriented anomaly detection and applying resiliency oriented responses

Examples of experienced cases

· The right choice for the right company: vademecum of suggested approaches according to the business sector

Cluster of companies per sector and cyber perimeter to be protected

What's the best cyber resiliency flavour for each cluster

Examples of experienced cases

· Cybersecurity Is a Business Decision

Threat oriented decision process

Effective investment on business impact mitigations

Situation awareness and full countermeasure control

Continuous Intelligence Capabilities

Examples of experienced cases

· Q&A

· Closing Remarks


Andrea Pompili - Cy4gate Chief Scientist

Angelo Ferraris - Cy4gate International Sales

Katia Redini - Cy4gate Enterprises Sales

Andrea Melegari - CEO advisor

Sponsors and Partners