FORUM: Implementing Sustainability in SEA hospitality sector

Why the event Implementing Sustainability in SEA hospitality sector

Considering the large contribution of the hospitality business in the Southeast Asian economies, and the needs of the regional governments to expand even more the hospitality industry, the sustainability in the hospitality is crucial for several reasons, as it has wide-ranging impacts on the environment, society, and the long-term success of businesses.

Hospitality operations can have significant environmental footprints due to energy consumption, water usage, waste generation, and the impact on the local community. In addition, modern consumers, including travelers, are increasingly conscious of environmental and social issues, preferring to support businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

The aim of the Forum is to bring together members of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, Southeast Asian companies, and institutions to discuss collaboration opportunities for integrating technologies to facilitate sustainability in the hospitality business in the region.


We have identified 3 main topics:

Preserving the heritage in the hospitality sector:

Sustainability in the hospitality business shouldn't solely focus on environmental impact; it is also important to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of cities and local communities. Integrating a hotel operation into a heritage building can be a challenge as well as engaging the local community in a new hospitality project.

Sustainable Architecture and Design:

The focus on sustainable architecture and design suggests a consideration for environmentally friendly construction and design principles in the hospitality industry. Discussions may revolve around incorporating green building practices, utilizing renewable materials, and designing energy-efficient structures.

Efficiency Management:

Efficiency management is likely to address operational efficiency within the hospitality sector. This could involve discussions on optimizing resource use, reducing waste, and implementing energy-efficient technologies. Participants may explore strategies for streamlining operations to enhance overall efficiency, improve cost-effectiveness, and minimize environmental impact.

By covering these topics, the forum aims to address various aspects of sustainability within the hospitality industry. This approach acknowledges the interconnected nature of environmental, social, and economic factors, emphasizing the need for collaboration and innovation to achieve a more sustainable and responsible hospitality sector in the Southeast Asian region.

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